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Get your Official Drone Pilot licence for Security Forces to work safely and professionally as a drone operator.

With our course you will obtain all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to make your hobby a future-oriented job.

ato 190 approved training organisation

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Get the Official Drone License
in a very exclusive way

E-ATO 190

Nearly a decade of training drone pilots guarantee our trajectory as an ATO 190 school, approved by the Spanish Air Safety Agency (AESA).

In addition, with our instructors, your training will be enriched by their great experience as RPAS professionals, both in teaching and working.

In our Drone Pilot Course for Security Forces, we include as material, the manual with the obligatory agenda.

We provide you with absolutely personalised training, with individual classes in which you will have an instructor all to yourself. In addition, you can choose the itinerary that best suits your availability: two hours a day in the morning or afternoon.


Also Official drone pilot rating courses for:

Phantom 4 , Inspire 2, Dji Mavic Pro, Dji Mavic Zoom, Dji Mavic Enterprise, Parrot Disco FPV (Fixed-wing).

We can offer the best prices, since the courses are carried out entirely by our ATO, with specialised instructors and there are no intermediaries, nor third parties, nor manufacturers.

We have the most advanced and latest generation drones for training; we advise you on the purchase of the drone that best suits your needs, always within the best brands in the sector, such as the great DJI drones.

As is well known, this is a growing sector that offers significant opportunities for work as a drone pilot in the coming years. Are you going to let this opportunity pass you by?


A drone pilot course can open infinite doors of work and will give you the possibility to develop in many sectors; this is because of the great growth expected for the next years.

By taking an official course approved by AESA for Security Forces, you will have the option of handling RPAS in sectors such as industry, agriculture, security and even fly drones for science. The possible services with drones are incalculable and, in the near future, will be infinite.

Drones are designed to trace the most efficient route, avoiding any kind of obstacle, both mobile and static. Moreover, with the possibility of attaching film-quality cameras, there is no impossible tasks.

+ 2000 graduated students

Nº1 in Málaga

Classes in real time

10 years of experience

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Another sector that benefits from drone technology is the business sector. Drones enable more accurate data and better business management decisions.

The sensors and cameras they contain allow them to take volumetric stock measurements, identify different species of weeds or create three-dimensional models that reflect the height of vegetation or even the population density of a city.

That is why a drone piloting course is necessary, where you will learn to study the environment meteorological conditions and apply the necessary safety measures to develop the drone’s flight.

Get now your drone pilot license approved by AESA. Find out about our online drone pilot courses.


Our company complements with its video production services, this booming sector.

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The advanced theoretical course of UAS (drones) by Grupo One Air Aviation offers students the contents that the current regulations require for professional use of these aircraft up to 25 kg.

Complementary contents are also offered based on the extensive experience acquired by instructors and students in a practical and comprehensive use in the multiple professional contexts in which UAS are extremely useful. Among these complementary contents, it stands out:

Drones Course Contents

Theory + Simulator + Practice

The theoretical phase of our VIP Drone Course takes two weeks and three days, during which you can choose the schedule that best suits you: mornings from 9:00 to 11:00, or afternoons from 15:30 to 17:30.

In addition, throughout the training, you will have full access to the platform and our entire library of educational resources, with videos, graphics and more.

Course Syllabus



Knowledge of the aircraft.

Performances of the aircraft.


Navigation and understanding maps.

Operational procedures.


Applicable aeronautical phraseology.

Human Factors for RPAS.

ATC Knowledge.

Advanced communications.

Topics to talk about

Enrich your training.

  • Advice on the acquisition of drones.
  • Advice on types of work currently carried out and untapped niche markets.
  • The use of own manufacturers and third parties software.
  • The use of drone non-specific software for image processing (i.e.: Topographic 3D surveys)
  • License processing for flight operation.
  • Classic mistakes done to avoid in the use of drones for a safe flight.

VIP Drone Course Price

62h Theory One-to-One
Phantom or Mavic Rating
5 Real-Flight Sessions
Official Exams
Exam fees included


The theoretical course of drones includes as material, a manual that covers the obligatory subject matter. In addition, a control unit for a simulator on a computer is provided, so that you can safely acquire the skills that you will later have to apply on the driving range.

As a complement to this theoretical course, we also offer practical certification on the various drones available at the school. In these courses, you will acquire the theoretical knowledge about their operation and the skills to perform a safe flight and to comply with the exercises required by AESA to obtain these certifications.

In addition, DronesMálaga, offers you the Drone Operator Course, in which we advise you on the necessary steps to register at AESA, a requirement to start working with drones.

For more information, please consult the new European regulation regarding the official qualification of Advanced Drones RPAS.

You will do your flying practice in our model airfield.

In the practical lessons of the course, you will acquire the necessary skills to perform a safe flight and complete the exercises that AESA considers sufficient to obtain certification.

Option to take the drone theory course online.

With all the guarantees.

At Drones Málaga, unlike other drone schools, we give you the option of obtaining your Official Drone Pilot License Online mode.

You will enjoy the same hours of theory as in the face-to-face mode, with the advantage of being able to choose from where to take them. You only need an internet connection.

+ 2000 graduated students

Nº1 in Málaga

Classes in real time

10 years of experience

Drone Ratings Available

DJI Inspire 2 or Parrot Disco FPV.

Our Advanced Drone Pilot Course gives you the chance to get qualified with either DJI Phantom 4 or DJI Mavic Pro, at your choice.

But in Drones Málaga, we also offer you the DJI Inspire 2 rating, the ultimate film drone; or the rating for fixed wing drones, with our Parrot Disco FPV, a valuable tool to cover long distances in a short time.

DJI Inspire 2 Rating

Able to cover the highest cinematic demands, it allows flight management and independent camera operation, thanks to its two stations. Up to 100km/h of top speed. Interchangeable cameras and lenses. Up to 6K RAW, in recording mode.

Fixed-Wing Rating

Ideal for covering wide areas, being able to go up to 2 kilometers away. It allows continuous flights of up to 45 minutes, reaching a speed of up to 80 km/h. Exceptional for photogrammetry, forest control, surveillance, search, environmental studies or fire detection.

Parrot Disco FPV

Specially designed for long distances.

Find out about our drone courses in Malaga

You can find all the information about our drone pilot courses also in our official website for airplane pilots.