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Professional UAS Pilot Course Level 3 Specific Category STS

EASA RE 2019/947

Get trained with our UAS Pilot Courses to successfully face the AESA exam, which will allow you to fly your drone in the standard scenarios (STS-01 for VLOS and STS-02 for BVLOS) of the specific category in an accredited way, according to the new EASA European Regulation.

As indicated in RE 2019/947 of the new European UAS Regulation, as of January 2021, a minimum requirement is established in order to fly drones, whether recreationally or professionally.

What has changed in UAS training with the New European Regulation 2021?

As you may know, with the entry into force of the new European Regulation 2021 for drones (UAS), there have been several changes in the training system for pilots:

  1. You must have a minimum amount of certifiable training to fly drones over 250 gr.
  2. The training, which will be demonstrable by taking an online test at AESA, will depend on the category in which you want to operate.
  3. There is no longer a distinction between recreational and professional flying; with your registration and certification, you will be a pilot as well as an operator.
  4. Your certification will allow you to fly throughout Europe.
  5. To fly professionally, the minimum age is set at 16. However, you can fly your drone recreationally from the age of 14; or from the age of 12, as long as you are accompanied by an adult to supervise the operation.

Why do you need a UAS pilot course?

Both to pass the official AESA exam and to be able to fly safely in any of the categories, you will need to have a general knowledge of UAS, regulations or operational procedures. Don’t forget that drones are aircraft and, as such, must be flown responsibly.

Specifically, the Specific Category encompasses those UAS operations that involve a medium risk, either due to the environmental conditions, the characteristics of the UAS or the particularities of the operation itself.

Thus, with the Specific Category certification, you will be able to operate under the standard scenarios (STS) contemplated therein: STS-01 (VLOS) and STS-02 (BVLOS).

Regardless of the category you choose, in our UAS Pilot Specific Category or Open Category courses, you will learn everything you need to know and we will guide you through the process of registering as a UAS Pilot with AESA to obtain the minimum certificate required:

UAS Pilot
A1/A3 – A2

To fly drones up to 25 kg (classes C0 – C4) in subcategories A1 and A2 or drones up to 4 kg (C2) in subcategory A2, both in open category.

UAS Pilot

To operate drones up to 25 kg (classes C5 and C6), under a standard scenario of the specific category (STS-01 for VLOS and STS-02 for BVLOS).


STS-01 / STS-02

To access the UAS Pilot Course Level 3 – STS, as well as the theory exam and the practical training of the standard scenarios of the Specific Category, it is necessary to have taken the exams and training of the Open Category A1/A3 before.

Additionally, if you already have the Open Category Level 2 certificate of competence, the STS theory exam syllabus and the number of exam questions are reduced. If this is your case, we can adapt the UAS Level 3 course to your situation, just ask us!

Below, we detail what the UAS Level 3 – STS Pilot Course consists of, which is made up of a theoretical part and a practical part.

Theoretical content

60 h.

The theoretical part of the UAS Level 3 course lasts 5 days. It is combined training, i.e. with registration on the platform and guided classes from 17:00 to 20:00.

In addition, you have the option of attending in person (classes with reduced capacity according to COVID-19 security protocol) or following the instructor’s explanation live over the Internet. All the course material will be available on the virtual platform so that you can study it in detail and from wherever you want.

And to ensure that you understand the contents, you will take different progress tests that will also serve as a simulation for the final AESA Level 3 STS exam.

The topics you will learn during the theoretical part of the UAS Pilot Course Specific Category Level 3 are:


→ Aviation regulations.
→ Human performance limitations.
→ Operational procedures.
→ Technical and operational air risk mitigations.
→ UAS General knowledge.
→ Meteorology.
→ UAS Flight performance.
→ Technical and operational ground risk mitigations.


→ Requirement of the scenarios STS-01 VLOS and STS-02 BVLOS.
→ Aircraft requirements.
→ Flight planning.

Practice content

1 day of practice + UAS Theory

The practical part of the Level 3 UAS Pilot Course (STS-01 VLOS and STS-02 BVLOS) will take place on the same day, where you will see specific aircraft theory and fly the UAS with an experienced instructor.

In addition, you will be able to schedule this part of the course on the day of your choice (subject to instructor availability and weather).

Requirements for obtaining the STS Drone Specific Category Certificate

✓ Be at least 16 years old.

✓ Have passed the A1/A3 Open Category training and examination or hold an A2 Open Category certificate.

UAS Course Level 3 Price

Complete course

€ 490

Level 1 + Level 3

5% discount

Having Level 2

Price on request

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