drone pilot training a drone operator course


We provide you with the procedures and official documentation necessary to become an operator.


Our personal advice will allow you to register to be an RPAS drone operator with AESA.


We help you to make the manual with all the necessary guidelines, regulations and requirements.


If you already have a RPAS pilot’s degree and want to work providing services with drones in your sector, you will need to be authorised and registered as an drone operator with the State Agency for Air Safety (AESA), which belongs to the Ministry of Public Works.

In our E-ATO 190 school, authorised by AESA, you will be able to train with our drone operator course; in which, through integral and personalized consultancy, we will create and process all the necessary documentation to register as a drone operator company with AESA.

Register as a drone operator to enter in a full expansion sector.

Millions of drone operators will find their job into commercial and business applications, including real state, industrial inspection, security settings and aerial photography. For example, it is expected that more than 1.5M drones will be used for agricultural objects.

Our courses are official since we are a company authorised by AESA. We have them organised in a way that helps our students pass the required tests.

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How to be a registered drone operator?

We advise you on the necessary procedures.

Personalised advice

You will obtain a general documentation dossier designed by our school, which covers 90% of the requirements of AESA. In addition, we will help you to personalise the documentation, according to your specific situation or the situation of your company.

You will have 4 hours of integral personalised consultancy in which we will supervise the specific documentation and will solve any doubt related to the documents processing so that you can start working as a registered drone operator as soon as possible.

The drone operator course documentation is registered and approved material; therefore, only the course instructors are authorised to use and distribute it.

Document processing

Once all the documentation has been filled in, and any doubts and peculiarities that may arise during the process have been resolved, we will proceed to present and process the entire Drone Operator dossier to AESA.

Performing our Drone Operator course/advice, you will ensure the simplification of the process and avoid possible discrepancies that could delay the registration, due to inexperience or lack of knowledge.

In this way, you will ensure that you obtain the authorisation to work as a drone operator, in the shortest time possible.


One of the most valued work opportunities is to create a drone company. To offer your services as a drone pilot, legally and professionally, you must obtain the drone operator license.

Some examples are companies that sell drones, those that repair drones, video recording companies, companies that offer their services for land study, orthophotos, vigour indexes, elevation maps, volumes and 3D surfaces, etc.

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We help you take this critical step to learn what works and what we will need to adjust our work to be a drone operator.

At present, the drone industry is in rapid global growth. It is expected that for the next five years, its use will multiply exponentially.

This is due to all the investment and research that is being done to develop the market opportunities within this major hardware and information sector.

In the legal aspect, for now, uncrewed aircraft are regulated to a large extent like other aircraft. While they have a particular set of flight rules, their regulation is derived from aviation regulations and is the responsibility of the same regulatory entities.

4 hours

Integral and
personalised advice.

300 €

Advice and
processing price.

250 €

Price for One Air

If you believe that your future is in the air, do not hesitate! In One Air you will be training with the best professionals.

We are an official ATO training centre. It means that, in addition to being able to offer licenses and drone courses approved by the State Agency for Air Safety, which also includes training materials.

We also keep our students informed about the latest developments and opportunities in the drone industry for the commercial operations of Drones and RPAS. Obtain your certification and bet on a profession of the future.

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